bdr logo bdr : A new era in aesthetics Innovative technology, intelligent protocols, specifically developed dermaceutical active ingredients, professionally trained therapists all work in synergy making it possible to target and regenerate the problematic skin areas. The bdr medical beauty concept reactivates defects in the skins structure and regenerates skin in even the deepest wrinkles.
bdr delivers surgical results without the surgeon!

In today’s expectation of immediate gratification and results, bdr treatment performs to this standard with actual visible results after only one treatment. The results are undeniable as your skin will feel tighter and smoother with lines and wrinkles plumped and filled. With such effective treatment dermatologists, specialized beauty clinics and first class medi-spas are using the bdr method in place of common cosmetic medical treatments utilizing Botox, fillers and surgery.

Advantages of bdr

bdr medical beauty treatments achieve visible and noticeable improvements in the skin appearance instantly due to the synergistic combination of the bdr technology and bdr dermaceutical products. bdr technology includes bdr micro stimulation, crystal free dermabrasion, calming led light therapy, lymphatic drainage and circulation massage.
bdr products are suitable for sensitive skin as well as skin that are prone to allergies.

Recommended by Dermatologists

During a clinical test of the beauty defect repair method over a period of 9 months, we obtained excellent results with patients of different ages. The treatments we’ve done with bdr, showed clearly excellent results. From the dermatological point of view I can absolutely recommend the beauty defect repair method for the dermatological cosmetology.
Dr. M.E.Cornely MD, Dermatologist

Recommended by Plastic Surgeons

Beauty defect repair opens a new treatment spectrum. A further positive side effect is the induction (stimulation) of endogenous collagen synthesis. The bdr treatment method can be integrated into a plastic-surgical concept. The invasive operation, like for example, wrinkle treatment by injection or surgical lifting are complemented by bdr. For the customer who refuses such operations it is an excellent alternative to reach lifting treatment results and a beautiful skin appearance.
Dr. Nadja Nek MD, Plastic Esthetical Surgeon

Recommended by Plastic Surgeons

As plastic esthetical surgeon I am confronted with the skin ageing problem on a daily basis. Moreover, I am continuously searching for new and innovative methods to achieve a rejuvenation of the skin. Firstly, the elasticity of the skin is renewed immediately, and secondly, dermaceutical products are quickly transported into deeper skin layers by means of a combination with special and unique techniques. I look forward to further fantastic treatment successes, as well as to satisfied customers and recommend the bdr treatment to them.
Dr.P. Holzschuh MD, Plastic Esthetical Surgeon

Fresh and Glow

Instant visible results.

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Age Control

Skin rejuvenation. Visibly smooth lines and wrinkles.

120min R 980.00


Effectively smoothes and minimize lens and wrinkles around eyes, Lips, mouth, forehead and décolleté.

60min R 950.00

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